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Digital BBQ Thermometer

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Don't ever under cook or over cook your meat again! With this easy to use Digital Thermometer, you can rest easy knowing that your meat will cook to the exact temperature that you desire!


  1. First press MEAT key to select the meat, and then according to the preference by TASTE key to select the taste (a bit cooked)
  2. Selected after the thickest part of the temperature measuring rod tip insert meat (don't touch the bones), the insertion depth of at least 2cm
  3. Wait 15~20 seconds or so, the thermometer readings are stable
  4. When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the thermometer screen will flash and make a call. After you remove the thermometer, you can enjoy your delicious food.
  • Material: 304 stainless steel probe; ABS plastic shell
  • Size: 35*4*2.5cm
  • Probe length: 12.5cm
  • Temperature range: 0 ~150 DEG C (0 degrees F ~+257 Fahrenheit)
  • Application: meat thermometer (beef, beef, lamb, pork, Turkey, chicken)
  • Power supply: AAA*2, does not contain
  • 1.304 stainless steel probe: food safety, accurate temperature measurement, rapid response, high stability, can be quickly measured hot and cold temperatures
  • 3 LCD display: LCD display, clear and clear
  • Automatic shutdown: 10 minutes after the operation is not automatically shut down, enter the power saving mode, reduce power consumption, battery life longer
  • Professional measurement of meat temperature, according to the preferences of the choice of taste
  • Temperature can be preset: according to the requirements of different meat, the preset temperature
  • When the meat internal temperature reaches a preset temperature, the monitor will beep to let you know it is done

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